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Palm Beach County was lost in obscurity for many centuries with only a smattering of tribes dominating the region. It was not until the late 1800s that the word of the area’s beauty spread to other regions of the country and began drawing investors to pump in more money into the region. With the arrival of Henry Flagler, progress picked up at a rapid pace, causing a small boom that brought many new businesses into existence. Today, Palm Beach is the third most populous county in Florida and is a popular tourist destination due to its splendid beauty, vibrant nightlife, quaint villages and warm subtropical climate.  

Why you can’t survive Palm Beach without an AC?

Palm Beach lies in the heart of Florida and suffers, like many of its sister counties, from the excruciating heat that affects the region every year during the summers. With high-rise towers, commercial complexes and a spate of hotels, the area has turned into a busy urban hub that traps the summer heat and makes it difficult for people to survive the season without air conditioners. Today, the dependence onair conditioners is such that the power consumption of the county has almost doubled in just the last decades. But since ACs provide a welcome relief from the harsh temperature outside, no one is complaining.

AC use – A vicious cycle

While AC has become a necessity for all, the impact it has on the environment is something we cannot completely ignore. It's a known fact that AC emits greenhouse gases that are harmful to the atmosphere. Such gases like CFCs and HFCs contribute to global warming, leading to rising temperatures and eventually more dependence on ACs, ultimately resulting in a vicious cycle.

Combating the heat and environmental issues with AC service

In an environment-conscious age, it is natural to feel a little guilty while using machines that contribute, even in a small way, to global warming. But don't worry as North Palm Beach AC Services experts can share helpful tips on how to reduce your power consumption and eventually the emission footprint. To start with, proper installation of an AC unit helps ensure that it does not draw extra power and operates at its optimum potential. Also, things such as frequent refrigerant leaks, oversized units, and poor ventilation are harmful to both – your AC and the environment. We are professional AC service experts who offer proper installation and maintenance services to ensure that your AC stays energy-efficient, effective and in good working condition throughout its lifecycle.

Our services:

Whether you need help in finding the right AC for your premises or wish to avail an economical maintenance plan, we offer a wide range of services and plans to both residential and commercial customers. Here’s a look at what we offer:

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