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If you need AC all day long and leave your unit running 24/7, then you are not the only one! The horrid summers of North Palm Beach, FL area require that kind of comfort! Even though AC units are inherently designed to endure such heavy use, they are bound to fail at some point! You may think it will never happen to you, until it does! You come home after a day’s long work only to find your air conditioner not working. Can you imagine spending hours and even days waiting for a technician to arrive? Repair issues are real when it comes to any machine and AC is no exception!

We, at North Palm Beach AC Services, understand the vulnerability of an AC unit and provide repair services. We don't want you to sit in sweltering heat, at the mercy of a technician who may not even be trained or equipped to solve your problem onsite!

This is why you need to talk to us. We are a reputed AC repair service provider with over 20 years of experience. We work 24/7 so that you always have expert help just a phone call away on 561-367-5179. From noisy ACs to low cooling, our experts can handle all that and lots more! 


Who wants to go through the hassle of repair? However, no machinery out there is completely immune from malfunctioning. Even your toughest air conditioner will breakdown some day. But there is a way to minimize the cost of repair and extend the life of your AC. Did you know that by regularly maintaining your units, you can actually make your AC outlive its lifespan? It not only reduces the cost of repair, but also the cost of operation by keeping energy bills in check. Even though most people believe that maintenance is wasteful spending, it is not the case. Timely maintenance services can mitigate your chances of malfunction and also prevent the chances of expensive repairs. You may have to pay for maintenance contract but compared to the cost of replacement or repair, it is nothing!


Every AC comes with an expiration date and no amount of repairs or maintenance checks can change that. However, if your technician is recommending you to get a replacement sooner than necessary, then treat it as a red flag. In most cases, faulty units can be recovered, components can be replaced, and normal function can be restored. Replacement is usually the last solution when all else has failed.

North Palm Beach AC Services will never recommend a replacement until all hope is lost. Our experts give you the best repair advice and service that can prevent needless replacements, if possible.  We work with absolute integrity and honesty to give you a trusted service that is in your best interest and that of your machine.


Prompt response:

We understand the intricacy of time in our business and this is why we come to your service promptly. Call us when you need an AC repair expert and we will send help within 15-20 minutes.

No additional fees

We don't exploit your situation in the name of emergencies. There are no hidden charges, trip fess, late-night surcharge etc. Our pricing standards remain flat, no matter when you call us or where you call us in North Palm Beach, FL.

Honest service:

We will never recommend repairs that are unnecessary. If simple nip and tuck does the job, then we will do just that! Your satisfaction is paramount and all our clients know that. We are committed to serving you honestly and diligently.

Our repair services included:

  • North Palm Beach AC Services North Palm Beach, FL 561-367-5179Air filter change
  • Leak repair
  • Compressor & condenser repair
  • Refrigerant, fan replacement
  • Duct and vent cleanup
  • Thermostat overhauls
  • Component replacement & lubrication

Need an AC repair service you can trust? Call us on 561-367-5179 right now!