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North Palm Beach AC Services North Palm Beach, FL 561-367-5179Regular maintenance of ACs in North Palm Beach, FL area is not a luxury, it is a requirement. We subject our AC to heavy use due to merciless weather conditions and not repairing your units every once in a while will expose you to the threat of malfunctioning unit and unexpected breakdown. If you are one of those businesses or homeowners that think that regular maintenance is a waste of money, then you are sadly mistaken. 

North Palm Beach AC Services is a reliable service provider of AC maintenance solutions for 20+ years to residential and commercial clients. In our experience, we have learned that when you regularly maintain your air conditioner, you are not only able to curb its repair expenses, but also extend its life and save tons of money in energy bills. Not sure if you need maintenance service? Talk with our experts on 561-367-5179 and discuss your issues. Let us educate you and help you make an informed decision.


Air conditioners go through gradual degradation with years of use. As a result, it loses its operational efficiency and becomes susceptible to breakdown within its lifespan. Just like any other machine you use, it requires a tune-up regularly to remove all the guesswork about malfunctioning. When our experts diagnose your unit as part of the maintenance job, they test every component and are able to detect a problem much before it becomes worse.

Here’s an illustrious example on what happens if you do not opt for maintenance:

We have received distressed calls from many customers, be it residential or commercial, who are reeling from an unexpected malfunction of their ACs on an important day. May be you are expecting guests or important clients; a faulty unit is the quickest way to leave a bad impression! However, regardless of when our clients called us, we immediately got into action mode and provided them respite within minutes of receiving their call. We are able to fix the smallest and the most complex issue with equal efficiency and make your unit up & running in no time. But will these emergency repairs inexpensive? Could they have been avoided? We guess you know the answer!

The takeaway: Poor maintenance is the root cause of these issues and they are mostly avoidable. By taking AC maintenance services, you can make informed choices throughout the lifecycle of your AC unit.


If you want to save the money spent on expensive repairs, then you need to get into a maintenance contract with us today! We can provide you customized plans as per your needs and budget.

With North Palm Beach AC Services, you get:

35-point diagnostic evaluation: We perform annual/bi-annual assessment called 35-point evaluation where we conduct an exhaustive diagnosis of your system

Transferable contract: Don't worry if you move home or office. Our contract will be applicable on your new property as well. You can also transfer our contract to the buyer of your property as well.

Discounted service calls: We give you special service rates when you enter into a contract with us.

Prioritized emergency service: You will be on priority list and get service within 20-minutes of calling us, anywhere in North Palm Beach, FL area, if you face unexpected problems with the AC.

Subsidized repairs and parts: If we diagnose an issue with the AC during a maintenance check, we fix that problem at subsidized rates!

Need a flexible, customer-friendly contract? Look no further than North Palm Beach AC Services! We work for you and with you. Call us now on 561-367-5179 today.