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North Palm Beach AC Services North Palm Beach, FL 561-367-5179If you have a commercial space in North Palm Beach, FL, then your need for air conditioning unit is a given! You would require AC units not just to keep your workplace cool, but also to keep your employees comfortable so that they can work with full efficiency. This is why buying a commercial AC is a much more complex procedure than buying a simple window unit. After all, your employee’s productivity depends a lot on their work environment. That being said, why not take help from experts of commercial HVACs to get the best consultation for free? Yes, call North Palm Beach AC Services and you’ll know what we are talking about!

We are a leading provider of commercial AC units and services in North Palm Beach, FL area. We work 24/7, offering full range of services from consultation to installation, repair and maintenance. You can call us on 561-367-5179 and count on us to give you one-stop-shop solution for your ACs when you take us onboard!


Residential and commercial units work differently and interact with the space in a different manner too. Some of the most obvious distinctions are:

  1. Size: This is clearly the biggest difference which is based on the size of the unit and the power it consumes to operate at optimal efficiency. The units installed in offices must cool large spaces, taking special consideration of extra heat emanating from people working in that space. This is the reason it is very important to have the right size that requires additional technical skills.
  2. Complexity:The ACs that need to be installed in commercial spaces are far more complex. They need ductwork designing for accurate outlets and more such intricate jobs that make installation an expert’s forte only.
  3. Cost: The layout of AC units varies greatly from place to place. Even though home ACs are an investment too, they do not compare to commercial units in terms of sizing and expenses. The complexity of these units naturally attracts more cost than setting up a window air conditioner or a split unit.

These are some technical differences that only an expert will know about. This is why you need to work with North Palm Beach AC Services that has a team of technicians with years of experience and knowledge to handle commercial HVAC systems.


Consultation: We provide you consultation and evaluate your property to recommend the best unit as per requirements and available space. We understand the complex needs of a commercial HVAC and assure you a tight service process from start to finish.

Installation: From centralized units to split ACs, we can manage installation with ease and wrap it up quickly! All our experts are dexterous in their jobs and have the expertise to keep the building’s aesthetics, insulation, efficiency and requirements in mind.

Repairs and maintenance: We provide uninterrupted service round-the-clock in, throughout the year in North Palm Beach, FL area. We offer instant repairs and solutions to all our commercial clients. If your unit starts acting up, just give us a call and we will have it covered.

Need an expert for your commercial HVAC unit? Call us right now on 561-367-5179.