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The only thing that can alleviate your discomfort on a hot summer day is an air-conditioner. If you are living in North Palm Beach, FL area, then you are no stranger to this contraption that stopped being a luxury years ago. Today, you will find ACs of all shapes and sizes in residential as well as commercial spaces. However, as is with any other machine, AC units too are prone to failure and require regular upkeep to maintain its lifespan. Failure to do so will result in air-conditioning units that do not work up to its true potential. In fact, they may breakdown one day without any warning or end up costing you a lot of money in energy bills.

You may think that your AC gave in without showing any signs of failure. An untrained mind may not be able to spot any brewing flaws and this is why you need a professional who can repair and maintain your expensive AC units on a regular basis.

North Palm Beach AC Services is a trusted brand in North Palm Beach, FL area offering a wide portfolio of AC installation, repair, and maintenance services to residential and commercial clients. We have 20+ years of experience in handling all kinds of AC units. When you call us on 561-367-5179, we not only give you a team of highly trained technicians, but also access to quality & affordable service at throwaway prices.


We choose everything so carefully these days, from our smartphones to unique home décor items. Then why are we so complacent in choosing the one thing that spells comfort and investment? ACs are expensive and they are not one-time investment. They require regular upkeep and proper installation to survive their intended lifecycle. Not paying for these services now will cost you in steep repair costs later. Choosing an AC is almost as crucial as choosing an AC service. However, if your handle on latter is right, everything else associated with your HVACs will be well taken care of!

We have been in the business of providing AC services and consultation for now over twenty years. We may be modern in our approach, but our values are still old school. We still strive for our customer’s best interest and only work towards their satisfaction. Don't believe us? Ask our growing list of satisfied customers in the area!


North Palm Beach AC Services works with diligence, honesty, and integrity. We only provide the best and do not settle for substandard. Our brand partners, skilled technicians, state-of-the-art tools, mobile units, infrastructure et al are all world-class. When you come to us, be prepared to be amazed!


  • Innovation:

    We believe in evolving with time. This is the reason we instill innovation in all our activities. We constantly improve our processes to give you nothing but the best.

  • Timeliness:

    We understand the criticality of time in our business. There is no room for delays and this is why we work 24/7, guaranteeing you service within 30-minutes, no matter where you are in North Palm Beach, FL area.

  • Expertise:

    We have 20+ years of experience and a team of skilled professionals. We not only get the job done, we get it right the first time!

  • Availability:

    Will your AC breakdown take place between 9-5 only? Emergencies, by their very nature, may occur anytime. This is why we work round-the-clock, all round the year. When you need an AC specialist, remember that help is only a phone call away on 561-367-5179.

You can call us for:

  • North Palm Beach AC Services North Palm Beach, FL 561-367-5179Emergency services
  • Consultation
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Residential and commercial AC installation
  • Ductwork layout and design
  • AC components at reasonable prices


We don't make empty promises, our 20+ years of stint in the industry testifies that. We are present in North Palm Beach, FL, sustaining competition, only because we walk the talk. When you call us, you get guaranteed quality assistance within your budget. Our name is synonymous with quality, experience it to believe it.

Looking for air conditioner experts? You can end your search here. Call us on 561-367-5179 right now! 

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