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To others, the land meant nothing more than swamps, farm lands, and mangrove forests, but in it John D MacArthur witnessed beauty and envisioned a sprawling community, designed meticulously basking under the glorious Florida sun. Transforming the land into something of that magnitude seemed like an impossible task, but that didn’t deter MacArthur who purchased 2600 acres in 1954 and developed it into what is now the North Palm Beach. Incorporated only in 1956, the village is relatively new, yet within a short span, the development that it has undergone has been phenomenal. From an undeveloped, sparsely-inhabited wilderness, today, there now stands a beautiful village with waterfront properties and well-planned neighborhoods.

The highs and lows of development

Within a short span after its incorporation, the village grew by leaps and bounds, and today it is hailed as ‘The Best Place to Live under the Sun’ – an adage that couldn’t be any truer! However, as development progressed and farmlands gave way to urban jungles, the village was no longer the same place it once was. With building architecture getting redefined over the years, and climate change becoming more prominent than ever, it became hard to survive the stuffy, hot and cramped interiors without an air conditioner! Today, the community is heavily dependent on air conditioners, in turn making it reliant on service companies.

Why you should be careful with AC service firms?

ACs are common, and you can’t possibly dream about pushing through the summers without them. This is a fact that most AC service companies tend to exploit, by ripping off gullible customers, upselling products they don’t need, providing shoddy work, making false recommendations and more. Yet the populace dismisses it as the ‘usual’, because they’re left no other choice. But, North Palm Beach AC Services is here to tell you otherwise! You do have a choice, and you don’t necessarily have to pay up excessive sums of money to the wrong agency, when you’ve got someone like us to serve you in the right manner!

Who we are?

We know for a fact that you as a resident of North Palm Beach cannot go without ACs, and that’s why instead of using that fact to extort money, we use it to motivate us to achieve more. We put customers first, and know that waiting is out of the question in times of crisis and strive to provide timely services. We also make it a priority to provide honest recommendations while also maintaining a flat and transparent pricing. If you want reliable, honest and affordable AC service solutions, know that turning to us is your best bet.           

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